A&V refrigeration machines

A&V refrigeration machines
A&V refrigeration machines

A&V refrigeration machines, The solution then is having the A&V ice making machine from the A&V refrigeration machines. This is a company that has grown to be recognized internationally. It started back in 1990 until now and that explains why it has its ice recognized all over.

A&V ice machines produce ice that is multipurpose. It can be used in poultry, industrial catering, fishing, chemical processing and many other fields. These machines can produce 2,000-4,000 pounds of ice in 24 hours. In production, the icing of the cake is where the customer has ice manufactured according to their preference. The ice can be cracked, crushed, and produced or manufactured according to the customers’ dimensions. What else could you want as a customer other than where you feel like the real boss?

Assuming the above was not good enough, what would you say to this, because A&V machine components are tested one by one to ensure that the machine as a whole is properly working. All parts of the machine have a warranty, even a one year warranty to the compressor.

The simplicity of these machines is one of a kind. The ice machines have been developed daily over the years to ensure they are customer friendly and easy to use. Also, experience from many years in the market, has helped this company identify different problems hence making machines which require little or minimum maintenance.

The machine is simple in the way it works. It works by re-circulating chilled water in and out of the evaporators as the refrigerant passes between the two ice making surfaces. This process ensures that the evaporators’ surface is used in 100% and, fast production with maximum efficiency. The ice making water is pumped by a stainless steel sump and is maintained by a float valve. The freezing time is determined by a repeating cycle timer. Finally when ice is reached it is exposed to hot gas which breaks the ice bonds from the evaporator surfaces and they fall on the ice crusher.

The list of products is endless but to mention a few include:

· Ice Machine AV020C

· Ice Machine AV040C

· Ice machine AVO60C

· Ice Machine AV400W

· Ice Machine AV200C

· Ice Machine AV200CR

A&V refrigeration machines