Best Ice Making Machines for Industrial Applications

Best Ice Making Machines for Industrial Applications
Ice plays an important role in many businesses across various industries. If you are in the process of selecting the right industrial ice machine for your business, then A&V should be one of your top options. A&V Ice Makers are heavy duty machines manufactured in the U.S.A with the best quality materials from the most renowned brands in the refrigeration industry.
A&V is one of the leading ice making machine manufacturers in the United States. We have almost 3 decades of experience in the industry with extremely high satisfaction rate. A&V Refrigeration offers ice making machines for various industries including fishing, meat, vegetable and fruit processing, bakery, chemical industry, and many others industries.
Ice making machines from A&V refrigeration can produce between 2,000 to 40,000-pound of ice in just 24 hours a day on ideal conditions.

Why do major industries need ice?

Fishing Industry:

Ice plays an integral role in the fishing industry. It is necessary to take care of the fish to be available to the customer. Storing the fish in the ice container is the best way to keep the fish fresh and healthy. Simply, connect the ice maker to the power and water outlets and get cracked ice instantly.

Poultry industry:

Our ice making machine allows the poultry industry to keep poultry products at the right temperature while on the conwarebelt, storage container, or at processing for distribution. Ice is necessary to maintain the temperature around poultry product to keep the product fresh.
Meat Industry:

Cracked ice is necessary after slaughter meat to keep the quality of the meat fresh. You can try our industrial ice making machine to get 2,000 to 40,000 pound cracked ice in 24 hours a day and enhance your business with fast speed.

Vegetable and Fruit Processing Industry:

Freezing the food is the great way to preserve the taste, texture, and nutrition of the food. These days, there are lots of businesses running that mainly deals in vegetable and fruit processing. If you are running such businesses then, you must try our ice making machine. 

Concrete Industry:

Concrete Cooling is a technique to reduce the temperature of poured concrete. This technique is used in various parts of the world where the climate is warm. A minimum of 10 to 21 degree Celsius temperature is required to maintain the concrete quality and durability. Try ice making machine offered by A&V if you have such business.
Benefits of ice maker machine in commercial businesses:
  • No Ice Waste: There is zero wastage of ice as the extra ice will be bagged and stored for future.
  • Cost-effective: Having own industrial ice making machine is a cost-effective way especially when ice is required at a regular short interval in the business. Purchasing an ice maker machine is the best way to save a huge amount of money instead of purchasing bagged ice.
  • Fixed Asset: Ice maker machine also work as a fixed asset for your business once you get the ownership of this industrial ice making machine.
Why is A&V Refrigeration best for you?
  • Custom ice making machine: Getting engaging with A&V Refrigeration, you can order custom ice making the machine as per your needs. You just have to fill an online application or call to our number to submit your requirements. Our team will try to deliver best quality services as quickly as possible.
  • Strong and durable: Every single machine is manufactured with a high-quality raw material that is durable and stronger that can last for many years.
  • Flexible ice sizes: The thickness of the cracked ice that our A&V ice maker produce can be adjusted very simply from 1/8″ to 5/8″ depending on the needs
  • Low maintenance: Engaging with A&V ice making machine, you wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance cost because there are no moving parts in freezing zone. Its simplest design enables anyone to clean the float tank after every use to avoid facing any problems.
  • Easy availability of parts: If any component of the ice maker gets faulty, you can easily find a replacement for them at the local refrigeration supply store. Also, we have all the components of the machine in stock and can ship it next day if necessary.
  • Technical support: A&V have dedicated 24 x 7 customer support that is available to solve  customer problems and concerns. Simply call our helpline number and we will try to assist you with the best possible solution to your problem as fast as possible.

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