Choosing Your Ice Machine

Choosing Your Ice Machine
Choosing Your Ice Machine

Choosing Your Ice Machine, An industrial Ice machine is an imperative piece of commercial kitchen equipment and commercial restaurant equipment for a food service company. Ice machines are inexpensive and simple to operate and maintain. Buying an ice maker is a beneficial purchase.

Guidelines you should use when choosing the right ice machine for your business.

Ice type
Cooling system type
Condenser type
Other (miscellaneous)

Size of your ice machine: When deciding on the right size ice machine, think about the space you have available for the unit and the quantity of ice your business uses yearly. Remember, you will need to manufacture additional ice in the summer time and on weekends. Purchase an ice machine that meets your peak manufacturing needs. Conclude your ice machine purchase by analyzing the major and minor details. Base your final choice on your recent business flow and a potential business increase as well. Evaluate the spec sheets provided for each ice machine and carefully review production charts.


-Annual usage
– Peak usage
-Choose over-production instead of under-production
-Review spec sheets

What type of ice is ideal for your business type? Types: Ice machines produce three different types of ice including different cube sizes and designs as well as flaked or nugget ice.

1. Cubes: Cube ice are available in two sizes; half dice or whole dice. Spec sheets provide information about the size of the cubes an ice machine produces. Considered the most popular ice making machines, cube machines manufacture a solid cube that melts slowly. Full dice ice machines and half dice ice makers are suggested for carbonated drinks, mixed drinks, ice retail, salad bars and ice dispensing.

2. Flakes: Flake ice makers produce small, hard bits of ice. Flakes rapidly cool foods and drinks all the while generating low production costs. An exclusive characteristic of flakes is they can be easily molded into any shape. Flakes are best used for salad bars, seafood, meat, produce, blended cocktails, and for hospital use.

3. Nuggets: Nugget ice makers produce a pliable, chewable textured ice that provides the optimal cooling effect for drinks. Purchasing an agitator kit is crucial for a nugget ice machine since the ice can melt and stick together and cause clogging. Nugget ice’s recommended use is for blended drinks, carbonated, drinks, salad bars, produce and hospital use.

Choosing an ice maker that promotes Energy Star in their description will aid in the increase of energy efficiency within your business by an estimated 15% and water efficiency by 10% more than non- Energy efficient models. Air-cooled units typically meet Energy Star’s requirements of maximum potable water and energy expenditure limits.

Choosing Your Ice Machine