Ice Machines Suitable for Your Business

Ice Machines Suitable for Your Business
Ice Machines Suitable for Your Business

Ice Machines Suitable for Your Business, is the right place to find Ice Machines Suitable for Your Business if you are searching such machines since long. A&V Refrigeration is an experienced and professional ice machine making company as since 25 year they are producing ice making machines. Brief information about the company and the working of their ice machine is provided here under for your consideration.

Introduction with A&V Refrigeration

A&V Refrigeration started making machines to produce industrial ice to be used for various refrigeration purposes as a small company. Today it is known as the world’s leading company in its class with a number of manufacturing units all over the world. The ice making machines of this company produces cracked ice which is used for refrigeration by various industries including poultry, fishing, industrial catering, vegetable processing, concrete, chemical processing and food industry along with other types of consumptions.

Ice making machines of A&V Refrigeration are famous all over the world due to their simple and easy to use design. The motive of this company was to produce simplest machine without affecting the production of ice. Since they have started producing their ice machine, the quality of its design as well as product has been tested by their customers. These machines provide better service with minimum maintenance as compared to the machines with complicated designs.

Working of A&V Refrigeration ice machine
The ice makers of A&V have double walled vertically suspended evaporators of cylindrical shape. These evaporators produce ice on both of their surfaces, inner and outer. In order to produce ice refrigerant is passed through gap between the two surfaces to make ice and chilled water from a stainless-steel reservoir is continuously circulated with the help of a pump on both surfaces, inner and outer, of the evaporators. This process produces ice fast by exchanging heat to its maximum efficiency as the 100% surface of the evaporators is used. The time taken to make ice depends upon the time taken by the repeating cycle. Hot gas from a compressor is passed through the annular gap to break the ice bonded on the surface of the evaporator once the ice has attained required thickness. The ice removed from the cylindrical evaporators will fall into the crusher assembly of the machine to crush it into required size and store in the bins for further supply.

So, if you are searching for Ice Machines Suitable for Your Business then is the right place for you.