Industrial and Commercial Refrigerating

Industrial and Commercial Refrigerating

Industrial Ice Making Machines

Industrial and commercial refrigerating, Nowadays there are different kinds of ice machine with different kinds of functions in the market. If you have the conception that ice is the very important thing that could help to boost your business, for example, you are running the fishery shop or the fast food shop; then a good quality ice machine is indispensable. Therefore, before you make up your mind to buy an ice maker or machine, there are three aspects that you need to think over seriously.

Many industrial and commercial refrigerating companies also have big ice machines in order to produce different sizes and quantities of ice as per the requirements of the customers. If you are a customer who is looking such service, you should choose only the branded names in the market as you can rest assured about the quality of service that they provide. Manufacturing ice in large quantities is a very time-consuming and technical process. Therefore, you would obviously not want to take the risk of assigning this activity to a newcomer who has relatively no experience in this field.

Irrespective of the type and quantity of ice that you want, an industrial freezer uses the following main parts, Evaporator ‘Accumulator Compressor Hot Gas Bypass Valve Condenser Water Pump A large tray made up of metal is placed vertically. There are lots of pipes, which exchange heat, connected to this metal tray. This is quite similar to the large number of wires that you can see at the back of your refrigerator. There is a sequential process of expansion and condensation that acts on the fluids. The job of the compressor is to push the refrigerant into the condenser and then again release it into the evaporator so that the refrigerant can expand to the required level.

The fundamental concept that you need to know here is that when the refrigerant is forced into the condenser coils, it loses its heat due to the increased temperature and gets condensed into the liquid form. Now when this fluid enters into the evaporator, it converts into the form of a gas due to the energy that is derived from the metal pipes. Asa result, the attached ice tray becomes cool. The water pump now comes to use, as it is through this that water is collected in a sump and poured over this cool ice tray. Since the tray is already cool when water is poured over it, it gets frozen and ice cubes are formed all over the walls of the tray of the industrial ice machine.

When the water is frozen altogether, then you will see cloudy ice cubes on your tray. If you want crystal clear ice cubes on your ice tray, then you must let your industrial freezer to freeze water patiently layer by layer. You might often get confused as to which machine you should opt for. Knowing what kind of ice you want, might help you get clarity over your confusion. Basically, there are three types of ice that a machine creates – cubes, nuggets or flakes. If you want ice flakes, then choose the machine that has the necessary technological features for the same. It is essential to note that, each type of ice is used for different purposes. So a machine that produces flakes mostly is not compatible to produce cubes or nuggets. Invest considerable time before you choose your industrial and commercial refrigerating provider.

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