Industrial ice machine Miami


Industrial ice machine Miami
Industrial ice machine Miami

Industrial ice machine Miami, A&V Refrigeration began producing industrial machines in 1990. Today it is a popular company whose success has in making high quality industrial ice machines has given it a good reputation. Our ice machines come in different sizes that can enable you to produce hard cracked ice in different volumes. The volume produced range from 2,000 pounds (919 kg) to 40,000 pounds (18118 kg). You can use the cracked ice produced by our machines in vegetable processing, poultry, concrete industries, chemical processing, industrial catering, commercial seafood, retail food industries among other uses.

A&V-refrigerators features

A&V Some the A&V-refrigerators make crushed ice If you are in need of crushed ice, you can easily make it by purchasing A&V refrigerator. This product has a container that is filled with water then the water is cooled to extremely low temperatures that makes ice to form. Its sophisticated ice dispensing mechanism moves the ice to the ice cutting mechanism. To get crushed ice or cracked ice, an efficient rotating motor crushes the ice by help of sharp blades.

Wide range of industrial ice machine specifications

We produce a variety of refrigerators. We produce refrigerators of a wide range of sizes, different power consumption ability and different compressors. If you are in need of a custom-built refrigerator, worry not, our experienced engineers and designers are there for you. What you need is to give us your preferred measurements, power consumption and other specifications that you need, and the experts will make the product for you.

Thoroughly tested industrial ice machines

Our team of engineers and quality checking experts have carried out a comprehensive testing on the machines. Multiple experiments have been carried out in different environmental conditions to check for defects in our products and eliminate them. When you purchase our products, we assure you of high quality products which have met the manufacturing standards. What makes our product a better choice compared to others is the warrants. You will get a one-year warrant for each machine you purchase. This means that in case it fails within a year due to manufacturing defects, you can get a replacement or your money back.

Adjustable ice thickness

Our industrial ice machines can enable you to adjust ice thickness from 1/8” to 5/8”. This ensures maximum flexibility. The crusher has stainless blades that ensures that your ice is free from fine ice or snow. This produces a hard, dry and pure cracked ice. The curved surface is not a weakness but a smart design that gives a long-lasting cooling effect.

Double freezing surfaces

The industrial ice machines have been engineered for maximum efficiency and fast recovery. They have two vertical tube-like design which is an ingenious design since it allows ice to be formed on both inside and outside of the vertical tube. This process makes them to make ice faster than other conventional refrigerators.

No mechanical parts in the freezing zone

The freezing chamber does not have any movable parts such as gears, motors, augers or seals that can affect the freezing process in your refrigerator. This enables ice to accumulate on both sides of the vertical tube evaporator by help of gravity.

Machine Service

Unlike other refrigerators, the design of our machines is simple. The simplicity will enable you to access the float tank assemble with ease and do the cleaning yourself. This saves your money since you do not need an expert to do the interior cleaning of the refrigerators.

Standard parts

You may need to replace some parts that have worn out after using the refrigerator for some time. You don’t have to come back to us or travel for miles looking for spare parts. They are readily available at your nearest local refrigeration supply outlets.

Quality materials

The major parts of our industrial ice machines are made from stainless steel (304 USA Made). This translates to a durable machine whose evaporator section, tubes, frame, panels and ice cutter are made of steel.


We produce high quality industrial ice machines that can meet your ice demands. Our products have been reviewed with high star ratings. You will discover the machine is worth your money once you purchase one here.