Industrial Ice Machine Miami


Industrial Ice Machine Miami
Industrial Ice Machine Miami

Industrial Ice Machine Miami, Some companies stand a cut above the rest. Those that can maintain their core principals and don’t lose sight at what made them great in the first place are a rare find in the current market. Luckily, there exists AV-Refrigeration. Leaders in making the highest quality industrial ice machines, this Miami based company has taken what they do and ran with it creating the industry standard for Industrial ice machines.

AV-Refrigeration started small, back in the 1990’s but grew through their insurmountable determination to create the world’s best ice machines. Their commercial and industrial ice machines are now used all over the world keeping products fresh and in their ideal state for as long AV as needed.

These ice machines just work, and they work hard. AV-Refrigeration’s line of industrial ice machines can produce up to 20 tons of ice in just 24 hours. But that’s not the end of it. Each of AV-Refrigeration’s ice machines are built to each customer’s tailored specifications as every client is different. The voltage and the dimensions of the ice machine are customized, where needed, to ensure these top-of-the-line industrial ice machines function at their maximum capacity in whatever environment they’re needed in.

You may think to yourself, “An industrial ice machine like this must be highly complicated to keep around.” In this case, you would be wrong. AV-Refrigeration has manufactured a highly simplified industrial ice machine that doesn’t making things overly complex with large moving parts and gears to keep the ice moving. It’s all simply gravity fed so owners don’t need to fret about things getting jammed up.

What’s even more impressive about this Miami based companie’s industrial ice machines is that not only is the amount of ice produced completely programmable, but even the thickness and type of ice needed can be changed at the whim of the operator. AV-Refrigeration’s ice machines offer ice of varying thicknesses going from fully crushed to large cube blocks, for whatever suits their client’s desires.

Ever since their humble beginnings in Miami, AV-Refrigeration has held true to making sure their standard for the highest quality ice machines on the market. This even shines down to the service of their machines. Due to their highly simplified designs, these industrial ice machines can be maintained by nearly anyone. All it takes is an easy cleaning of the simple to access float tank in each of AV-Refrigeration’s industrial ice machines to ensure things are operating at their best.

AV-Refrigeration has shipped their industrial ice machines all over the world, bringing pride to their hometown of Miami and the utmost in quality all around. 27 years in business and thousands of products sold, AV-Refrigeration is world-class in industrial ice machines.

Industrial Ice Machine Miami
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