Industrial ice maker machine construction


Industrial ice maker machine construction
Industrial ice maker machine construction

Industrial ice maker machine construction, imagine you have just come home after a very hot day on site. You need to cool down, by either getting some ice water or a refreshing beverage. You open the door and there is no fridge or even the concept of a fridge. This is how companies such as A&V Refrigeration came to exist.

A&V Refrigeration started off as a small company in the 90s- as an ice machine manufacturer. The core of their business was on the basis that making ice should be one of the simplest processes to follow through- and this is where they got the idea of being an ice machine manufacturing company that has gone on to one of the leading manufactures of this product. The company is solid on emphasizing and committing to good quality, great service and offering top class and professional customer service.

Products offered at A & V Refrigeration
A&V is a world leader in manufacturing ice machines that produce between 2000 and 40000 pounds of ice in a day, with a combination of water temperature at 60◦F and air at 90◦F. the ice machines offered by A & V Refrigeration is efficient for keeping food items for small and big businesses, and industries other than those in catering industry. Whether, you are operating as a small ice making business or looking to be a top supplier for large supermarkets, A&V Refrigeration is the best place to supply with the best machines that money can buy. There are almost twenty different models of ice making machines for you to choose from and have different capacities.

Using the ice making machines
A&V Ice making machines produce ice on cylindrical evaporators that are vertically suspended and double walled. The chilled water is circulated continuously on the outer and inner surfaces of the evaporators. With this process, uses evaporators to their maximum potential and allows for optimal efficiency and make the production faster. The continuous circulation, in repeated cycles, allows for freezing point to be reached thus producing the ice.

Getting a quotation
So, you have decided that you want to start a small business and be a distributor of ice and make some money, or you have decided that you need an addition to your current assets, then you should contact A and V Refrigeration for quotation with the best deals in town. The A&V Ice Making machines are designed to last you a significant number of years, while making sure that every batch of ice produced is of good quality.