Industrial ice makers machines

Industrial ice makers machines
Industrial ice makers machines

Industrial ice makers machines, What or who is A&V Refrigeration? This is a refrigeration company that started in the 1990 in small scale but is now one of the top manufacturers of industrial ice machines. A&V ice machines produce different sizes of industrial ice that is used in many food and chemical processing industries. They also produce ice for human consumption.

The A&V machines are simple in design mainly to facilitate the best services. Their focus on achieving mass and quality ice production with minimum maintenance rather than complexity is really admirable.

How Do The A&V Machines Work?
You may wonder, how does a machine produce 20,000 and more pounds in just 24 hours? The ice production mainly takes place on the double-walled cylindrical evaporators which are vertically suspended. As chilled water is consistently circulated over both surfaces of the evaporators repeatedly, the refrigerant is passed through the void between the two ice making surfaces. This process makes maximum use of the evaporators’ surface providing efficient heat exchange and fast production.

The water is re-circulated using a pump straight from the reservoir (stainless steel sump), where the level of water is conserved using a float valve. The repeating cycle timer determines the freezing period.
As soon as the ice thickness has reached the desired size, hot gas is released from the compressor into the circular space breaking the bonding of the ice from the surfaces of the evaporator. The ice size is programmable. The ice falls by gravity into the ice cutter(crusher). The crusher then rotates to deliver the ice into a storage bunker.

Features Of A&V Machines
1.- Ice thickness adjustment
You can program your ice thickness from 1/8” to 5/8’‘. This is an amazing feature for flexibility of the shape desires. The fine, hard pure ice is separated from snow by the stainless crusher.
2.- Double surface freezing
The construction of the evaporators is in a way they can form ice on both surfaces.

1.- The A&V machines can be built according to customer preferences. This is the best part, provided you know how you want your A&V machine, you are sure to get it exactly how you like it.
2.- Every inch of the ice making machine is tested. The one-year warranty includes every machine part.
3.- The simple design is really advantageous when setting up and using it.
You know the word to give these A&V machines. Wow! You want to get one for your industry? Go to the products page on, industrial ice makers, and grab a refrigerator. Search one with the features you need and if not available, contact them to create a customized A&V refrigerator for you. Good luck!