Industrial ice making machines Miami


Industrial ice making machines Miami
Industrial ice making machines Miami

Industrial ice making machines Miami, A&V Refrigeration started making machines to produce industrial ice to be used for various refrigeration purposes as a small company. Today it is known as the world’s leading company in its class with a number of manufacturing units all over the world.

The ice making machines of this company produces cracked ice which is used for refrigeration by various industries including poultry, fishing, industrial catering, vegetable processing, concrete, chemical processing and food industry along with other types of consumption’s.

Many times, when you look at an ice machine you are seeing more than just an ice machine. Many times, you are seeing an ice machine as well as an ice bin. The actual ice machine is a box that sits on top of the ice bin. These are two separate pieces. The ice bin sits on the bottom and is where the ice resides once it is made. With this type of commercial ice machine, you can simply lift the lid and scoop what you need out.

A&V ice marking machines are used to produce industrial i.e. cracked ice which can be used in the following industries: vegetable processing, fishing, poultry, concrete, chemical processing, wholesale and retail food industry, industrial catering among others.

Types and Features of A&V Refrigeration Machines
All A&V ice machines have been designed to simplify and facilitate the production of ice. Our industrial ice machines can produce between 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of ice in just 24 hours in 90 degrees – Fahrenheit air and 60 degrees Fahrenheit water.

Features of A&V Industrial Ice Maker
Each unit in the refrigeration machine(s) has been tried and thoroughly tested to make sure that all the components in the system are functioning properly. Our company offers one-year warranty for all the parts of the machine.