Industrial refrigeration systems

Industrial refrigeration systems
Industrial refrigeration systems

Industrial refrigeration systems, A&V-Refrigeration started as a small business venture in the refrigeration market in 1990 has transformed into one of the bestselling manufacturers of industrial ice machines for food processing and cold storage refrigeration, along with entities known in different parts of the world.

A&V-Refrigeration Ice Machines manufacture industrial “Crushed” ice that is utilized in food processing and the fishing market. The machines are designed to ease service delivery. It is the reason why A&V-Refrigeration Ice Machines are ranked as one of the best and easy to use ice machine forms in the modernized world economy.

The company was established along with the convention that our ice machines ought to be constructed to be comfortable as possible, and without inflicting harm to workers and negatively affecting the production of ice.

The Ice machines forms have been examined over the years to manufacture an exceptional amount of ice that is of high-quality. The ice machines are designed in a manner that they require minimal maintenance and restoration.

A&V-Refrigeration Industrial Ice Machines
A&V-Refrigeration Ice Machines manufacture about 2,500-45,000 pounds of ice in a single day. The hard-crushed ice makes suitable for commercial food processing cold storage refrigeration, industrial catering, concrete companies, and chemical processing firms.

Features of the A&V-Refrigeration Industrial Ice Machines
Some units manufacture “Crushed” ice: Along with the possible availability of a “Crusher,” a few of our products are designed with the ability manufacture cracked ice and crushed ice at the same time.

Our ice making machines are custom made to meet our customer’s preferences: A&V-Refrigeration Ice Machines external dimensions, capacity, electrical connectivity, and compressors are built and designed according to the requirements of the customer. Our goal is based on ensuring that our customers are satisfied.

Our Machines are comprehensively verified: Each entity is examined to ensure that the elements are working correctly as one system. We warrant all its components and parts especially the compressors for twelve months.

Flexible Ice Size: The ice size can be fine-tuned from 0.125 to 0.625 for utmost flexibility. The stainless crusher fashion removes snow. The ice manufactured is dry, pure, and hard fragmented ice. The curvaceous design offers increased cold-manufacturing surfaces providing instant and long-lasting cooling effect.

The machines are designed to ease service delivery:
The straightforward architecture removes primary servicing complications. Frequent maintenance can be carried out by any person because the only part that is accessible is the float tank assembly that requires regular cleaning.

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