Manufacturing Super Efficient Ice Machines

Manufacturing Super Efficient Ice Machines
Manufacturing Super Efficient Ice Machines

Manufacturing Super Efficient Ice Machines, AV-refrigeration is a manufacturer of super functional and mid-range capacity of ice machines, rink and ice chillers systems globally. For over 25 years we commit to the personal service and outstanding quality of all our equipment.

AV-refrigeration is super legendary for providing long years of reliable performances even in the harshest conditions and weather. We pride ourselves in serving our customers personally and directly. We also offer a combination of longevity, quality, service, and price on all-out ice machines regardless of the quantity.

More about Manufacturing of Ice Machines

Producing commercial ice machines needs lots of high efficiency than the usual domestic devices and at AV-refrigeration we manufacture machines ranging from 2 to 40 thousand pounds. We use the latest and advanced techniques, but we do our manufacturing in the most straightforward fashion possible. This helps to make maintenance very easy and cheap.

Our ice machines are designed to make the ice on the evaporators, and they are vertically suspended, double-walled and cylindrical. We use the most straightforward process and, on all evaporators,, surface hence making the ice quickly and super efficiently.

Our ice machines are designed in a way that chilled water is continuously re-circulated over the inner and the outer evaporator surfaces. The water ice is also re-circulated from the sump to the pump, and the water flows on the inner and outer evaporator’s surfaces via the tubed water distribution. The ice machines freezing time is set using the cycle timer that keeps on repeating itself.

Why choose AV-refrigeration ice machinesIndustrial machines manufactured by our company are unique, simple and super-efficient. And they are numerous factors that have helped us to remain on top over the years and become the best choice and they include:

We use latest machines and also assembled by hand

Our evaporators are uniquely made from the welded and stainless steels that are hand formed. We vacuum and test all the ice machines to ensure all piping is free from any leaks. We ensure that the machines are refrigerant and then calibrated and tested again to ensure its operating well.
We use the highest and graded world class Copeland compressors hence offering the best warranty for your machine. We manufacture commercial ice machines that are efficient, economical, reliable and also easy to maintain. They are also built using the highest quality of materials and components. is our official site, and we are physically located at the New Player. 997 SE 12th Street Hialeah, FL 33010 USA. You can quickly reach us on our landline +1.305.883.0733 for consultation and super-efficient services.