Miami Industrial Ice Maker


Miami Industrial Ice Maker
Miami Industrial Ice Maker

Miami Industrial Ice Maker, A&V Refrigeration Company began as a small-scale ice machine manufacturer in 1990 and since then it has grown to be one of the world leading manufacturers in the ice machine industry. As a company, our main principle is to ensure that our products are designed to be as simple as possible while maintaining excellent production.

Over the years, all our ice machine designs have undergone field testing in order to ensure that the resulting product is of high quality, quantity and with very little maintenance services. For the past 27 years, A & V Refrigeration has continuously put a strong emphasis on service, quality as well as good client relations.

Where are A&V Refrigerators Used
A&V ice marking machines are used to produce industrial i.e. cracked ice which can be used in the following industries: vegetable processing, fishing, poultry, concrete, chemical processing, wholesale and retail food industry, industrial catering among others.

Types and Features of A&V Refrigeration Machines
All A&V ice machines have been designed to simplify and facilitate the production of ice. Our industrial ice machines can produce between 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of ice in just 24 hours in 90 degrees – Fahrenheit air and 60 degrees Fahrenheit water.

Features of A&V Industrial Ice Maker
Each unit in the refrigeration machine(s) has been tried and thoroughly tested to make sure that all the components in the system are functioning properly. Our company offers one-year warranty for all the parts of the machine.
They can be custom-built based on the client’s specifications. A machine’s compressor, voltages as well as the external dimensions can be specifically designed per the customer’s preferences.

Some of the ice makers can produce crushed and cracked ice.
The machines can produce all-purpose adjustable-thickness ice ranging from 1/8 to 5/8 inches in thickness. Industrial Ice Makers produce dry, hard and pure fragmented/ cracked ice.
The ice makers are constructed with quality stainless steel material. Panels, frames, tubes, sections of the evaporators and the ice cutter are all entirely made of stainless- steel which require zero maintenance.

They have evaporators which are constructed with two vertical-tube designs to ensure that ice is formed on both the inside and outside wall of the evaporator leading to maximum efficiency.
The ice makers are designed with standard parts which are readily available for sale in local retail outlets.
Types of A&V Ice Making Machines.