Why an Industrial Refrigerator

Why an Industrial Refrigerator
Why an Industrial Refrigerator

Why an Industrial Refrigerator, finding the right kind of industrial refrigeration unit is a huge responsibility. For numerous industries, it is also an essential task. From restaurants and warehouses, to schools and hospitals, many industries can benefit significantly from a reliable refrigeration unit. A&V Refrigeration has become an industry leader in this industrial refrigeration market. And when you consider the facts, it is easy to see why. The company has been in the industry for many years, and with their extensive line of products, it is easy to imagine why they are still so popular nowadays.

Av-Refrigeration.com offers an unmatched line of products for various industries. No matter the industrial refrigeration concept you are shopping for, odds are this amazingly dependable company will have the extra appliance for you and your company.

Whether you are shopping for a worktop, inbuilt unit, a freezer, ice machine or any other refrigeration unit, you are sure to find the best commercial-grade refrigerator for your needs.

Thanks to improvement in insulation and compressors, today’s refrigerators are much more energy efficient than ever before. Industrial refrigerators use more energy than residential refrigerators. Large industrial refrigerators, such as those found in shopping malls, can consume up to 17,000 kw-hrs. of power each year. Larger industrial refrigerators consume even more – as much as 38,000 kw-hrs. of power each year. This implies that for grocery stores, shopping malls and convenience shops, refrigeration units make up nearly 40 percent of the business’ overall energy consumption.

When a company improves the energy-efficiency of its refrigeration units, it becomes even more competitive on the market. The business can save more money and become even more environment-friendly.

In the game for many years, it is easy to see why A &V Refrigeration has become a leader in commercial refrigeration market. Their impressive range of products, great customer support and vast experience in the industry are some of the reasons why the company stands out among the competition. Consider any Av Refrigeration.com product – whether it’s an ice machine being purchased to offer retail solutions or a modern refrigerator to store essential cooking ingredients – these products are truly unique. This is definitely one of the leading manufacturers that deserve the praise it gets, not matter the commercial segment involved.

Although any energy-efficient industrial refrigeration unit may cost a lot of money up front, the long-term energy savings the unit creates normally more than makes up for the initial cost. Therefore, investing in a modern refrigerator from Av-Refrigeration.com is one of the best ways to be more competitive, save money and safeguard the environment, as well.